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Marking up an Etext with TEI II

This the next, and the previous pages show how to markup up simple Book using TEI. The previous page looked at placing the books meta data in a teiheader element. This page will look at the book proper, and in particular look at marking up the front matter of a book.

Again the book that we will use for our example is "The Riders of the Purple Sage" by Zane Grey. Etext #1300.

The book proper

All the book proper is placed as content of the text element

  ...[book content here]...

Although TEI allows the text element to contain a whole plethora of elements, we for the most part will just be using the front and the body elements with the occasional use of other elements.

The 'front' matter

The front matter of this book is rather sparse. It just consists of a title page.


   <titlePart>RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE</titlePart>


 ...[rest of book content here]...

Note how in the above example the title must be doubly nested first in a docTitle, and then in titlePart element. If the front matter is more complex, have a look at the DTD and use some of the other elements that the front element can contain.

On the next page we will look at marking up the body of the book.

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